Saturday, June 25, 2011


The 2011 Reunion was a huge success with over 150 members, significant others, friends, and guests.  The Hospitality Room was rocking the entire weekend with unlimited access, plenty of room, the swinging sounds of DJ ‘Friendly Freddie’ and plenty of ‘Libations’.  The Reunion kicked off with a bang when the Hospitality Suite opened at 1500 on Friday and the action never slowed down.  Kudos to the Reunion Hosts and all the folks that helped make this one a great one.

It was great to see our founder, Larry Hunt, back on his feet and having a good time after his ‘Camping Out’ incident on Super Bowl Sunday.  He was joined by his sons, Cliff and Larry Jr, who helped him celebrate this 23rd Reunion.

Despite a lot of rain, members enjoyed the normal activities of golf, shopping, drinking, spinning tales, playing cards, sight seeing and just hanging out.  The Annual Meeting was ‘interesting’ to say the least, but resulted in some solid decisions about future reunions, and the limiting of our membership in the near future. 

The locations for the next three years are posted on this web site in the left column and the choices look GREAT.  We welcomed four new members to our group and one new member even volunteered to HOST next year … that’s SPECIAL !!

Our Dinner Dance was very special this year, great food and service from the Hilton staff, and once again music by Friendly Freddie.  The ladies were dressed to the nines, and as usual, the guys were, well just dressed.  A lot of fancy footwork was on display and we saw the latest line dances demonstrated.  The Hospitality Room reopened at 2300 and the gang gravitated toward the free booze.

Luckily the Sunday ‘Cook Out’ was indoors, as we had more rain on Sunday, but everyone enjoyed it and later heated up the Hospitality Suite for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

We waved good by to those who had to get on the road, but for some of us, the party was just starting.  The Cleveland Gang hosted a Fish Fry at the Cleveland InterCity Yacht Club and man, we ate Fish for days !!  Highlight of the day was a Lake Erie boat trip courtesy of member Darlice Ogletree, on his fabulous cabin cruiser. 

Cleveland was blistering HOT, really unusual for Memorial Day weekend, but it made this 23rd Reunion even that much better.

Looking forward to going back down SOUTH next year. 

 See ya in Greenville !!!!!!!