Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fantastic Fayetteville !

The 2010 Friends of Distinction Reunion will always be remembered for the huge group of new members invited by Carl (Moe) Moore and inducted into the group this year.  Several other new members also joined, sponsored by various members.  We welcome all TWENTY FOUR new members hailing from the Baltimore/ DC Metro Area, Cleveland, Alabama, Tennessee, Tampa and other areas.  And from all indications, they have come to Party !!

This was an Election Year and a new slate of Officers has been installed to serve the group.  Please see the current administration listed on the FOD Officers page. 

The Reunion was one of our largest with at least 117 members and guests.  Our Hosts, Charlie (Doc) Watson and his hardworking bride Barbara, did an outstanding job in all areas.  We had three adjoining suites for the well stocked 'Hospitality Room' and members partied HARD for the duration of the weekend.  A superb hotel staff made sure our every need was met and we commend the Towne Place Suites at Cross Creek for their fantastic efforts.

We rocked the hospitality suites on Friday night, Saturday night and well into Sunday Morning as  'The Closers' held tryouts for the group.  Several new members of the 'Irish Rose Parade' were also inducted into that division as we danced on tables, chairs and whatever was at hand.  Outstanding audtions by Barbara, Doc, Bama, Sheila, Minnie, Bea and Cooley as well as fantastic new moves by veterans like Eddie,Ronnie, Dorothy, Diane and Gunny.  The music rolled into the wee hours of the night until saner heads prevailed.

Meanwhile in the lobby, the Virginia connection of TJ, Brenda, Griff, Carla and others played cards til all hours, made the 1:00 AM deadline with The Closers, then repaired to their rooms.  They looked none the worse for wear at Sunday Breakfast.

New members James, Derrick, Cliff, Beers, Eric, Scrivens, Sam and others showed they 'Can Hang' and are more than qualified for 'Get Down' membership in the FOD.

As I write this, a very large contingent of members are in the lobby attending Church Service and I know they will be praying for all the others of us not there.  I personally am mentally preparing myself for the festivities still to come.

Added these notes later:

The 'Cookout' was great with really good food and service.  The warm and sunny day made it a super outing.  Afterwards members relaxed, talked and enjoyed the day.  Later the new members, led by Sam and Carl, set up for an outdoor party Sunday evening, centered around the big RV in the Sam's Club parking lot.  Forty or more folks kicked in for burgers, sausage, beer and music as we pulled up chairs and partied into the night. " Chef Darryl Scrivens " did an outstanding job of cooking, serving and making the night Fun.

There was a big 'After Party' on Monday at the Hosts home, but unfortunately I could not make it as I had to leave for Cleveland, so will have to get feedback from those that attended.  What a great year for the Friends of Distinction.